Mobile Vet Hospital

Our Mobile Pet Hospital Serves Your Horses Health Needs

Pet owners in the LaBelle, FL area know that timely medical attention can make all the difference when their pet is experiencing a health issue. Pet owners also appreciate the latest in medically sound conveniences that help them keep their pets in the best health. So Dr. Lee Shewmaker has provided dependable and convenient veterinary services with a mobile vet hospital. Those who have experienced it can attest to the reliability and convenience of our traveling vet services. Choose Shewmaker Animal Hospital, and our mobile services, for your pet's veterinary needs.

A Mobile Vet Hospital

Our mobile hospital is an RV that has been redesigned to provide a quality veterinarian experience. Dr. Lee Shewmaker wanted to be sure to have everything on hand when going out to do house calls. From grooming to diagnostic facilities and urgent care, the RV is equipped to address immediate health concerns when pets can't make it to the veterinarians' office. We love animals, and if we can help them at all, then we will do our best to provide the quality care that they deserve. Call us and ask about our mobile vet services. We'd be happy to discuss how this might help you provide the best care for your pet.

Convenience Without Sacrificing Quality

Is convenience something that veterinarians should be concerned about? It's assumed that pet owners will do whatever it requires to get their pet the help they need. In our experience, convenience does affect animal health issues. This is why Dr. Shewmaker visits farms as well. The mobile vet hospital reaches people in a variety of local communities. Pet owners go to great lengths for their beloved pets and we think we can do the same for them.

Veterinary Support For The LaBelle Community

Here at Shewmaker Animal Hospital, we encourage pet owners to take advantage of conveniences like our mobile pet hospital. Perhaps your dog needs his nails trimmed, or your cat has developed an eye infection, or you have another kind of pet altogether. Dr. Shewmaker's mobile hospital is the reliable veterinary support that you need in and around the LaBelle, FL region. Call (863) 675-2441 and schedule an appointment for your pet. You can resolve a chronic issue that has caused you concern over your pet's wellbeing. You can learn more about preventive pet healthcare. Your pet relies on you to act, so act today.

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