Pet Boarding with Shewmaker Animal Hospital

As a pet owner, you know the anxiety and stresses of planning a vacation or an overnight trip when you have animal to care for. Fortunately, Shewmaker Animal Hospital provides boarding services, so you can rest easy knowing that your pets are under the best care possible in LaBelle, FL! 



Your dog will enjoy clean, comfortable accommodations that will make them feel like they're home. We take the utmost care in making sure that your pets are okay. We provide comfort for your pet while he's here, but if your pet has a unique bed or blanket, you're more than welcomed to bring it along! Don't forget to pack up your pet's favorite food from home, and we'll make sure he always has fresh water access, a clean living space, and as many fun toys as he wants! 

Exercise and Playtime

When your pets board with us, they'll receive all the activity they need. Whether they're high-energy and need to run around all day to feel content, or would rather just bask in the sunlight, we make sure they get what they need. Plus, as veterinary professionals, we understand how vital socialization and mental stimulation are for pets. We'll make sure your pets get both while they're staying with us, so you can rest assured that your pets are being well taken care of with all the playing and snuggling they need!

Attentive, Caring Staff & Veterinarian Oversight

Every member of our staff is first and foremost an animal lover! Our team provides personal attention to each of our guests when they're boarding with us, and we treat every one of them like they're our own. Plus, if anything happens while you're away, you can breathe easy knowing that Dr. Lee Shewmaker is on sight and ready to provide the best care available to your beloved family member while you're away! 

Special Care for Special Pets

If your pet has any medical issues, requires daily medication, or a special diet, it can add additional stress on you when you're going out of town. When you board your pet with us, you benefit from our professional veterinary staff who understand how vital it is that your pet gets the specialized care they need. Rest assured that your four-legged friends will get the care they need, no matter how complicated it might be! And, with Dr. Shewmaker on site, if your pet does need veterinary attention, they're in the best place they could be.

Book your boarding stay with Shewmaker Animal Hospital in LaBelle, FL, by giving us a call. We're confident your canine or feline companion will enjoy their stay with us, and you can enjoy your trip knowing that they're well taken care of! Give us a call today, at (863) 675-2441 to schedule a boarding stay for your pets.  

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